Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Handing Over My Birthday...

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Birthday Cake on Halloween in London

We have come to the beginning of winter. Its pitch black at 5.30, and the cold morning air is really starting to bite! I love the summer, but I also love getting cosy and layering up for the winter. Luckily this odd transitional time is made easier by the fact that Halloween is also my birthday. I am a big birthday celebration person, and tend to get over excited about getting to do fun thing with my friends and family. However, this can also be stressful as I spend my time worrying if people are enjoying themselves or not.

This year I took a back seat with preparations and just asked my friends what they thought would be fun to do. I always seem to have more fun at other people's birthdays than my own, so thought I'd hand the reigns over to the people who throw these! Please excuse the grainy pictures, I only had my phone on me and it wasn't on form that day!

It totally worked out in my favour...we started the day at The Cafe At Bluebird on the Kings Road, after a little window shop filled walk from Sloane Sq. Before we left for South Ken I couldn't resist a look around The Shop at Bluebird, a beautifully merchandised unisex store. Think of a more chic Urban outfitters, with more expensive product, and you're on the right lines. I didn't buy anything this time, but it was the kind of place I could spend ages looking around. I'd love to have my own boutique like that one day, so it gave me a little boost to carry on working on my own business ideas.

Earl Grey Tea at The Cafe at Bluebird, Kings Road, London

We spent the afternoon in my favourite creperie in South Kensington. This was a back up plan as I had forgotten that half-term meant an overflowing Natural History Museum, which is usually one of my favourite places in London. I decided to pass on the queues, and just watched enviously as children left with stegosaurus and triceratops stuff toys tucked under their arms.

Once suitably full of lemon, sugar and pancakes we went to meet some friends at Madison. I'd never been but my friends had planned this in as a treat to end the evening. We sat on the sixth floor, looking out over St Paul's in the open air but were sure to snuggle under the blankets by the heaters. 

Madison Restaurant and Tapas Bar, St Pauls, London

The view is absolutely amazing, the food less so. There is only one option for vegans and limited vegetarian options, and they wouldn't offer a plain salad even though we phoned ahead to ask about their vegan options! I wouldn't recommend the tapas bar, the restaurant might be better but it doesn't get the open air view.The cocktail menu was perfect for me though! I tried two different drinks, Secret Garden, which was gin based with cucumber and rosemary, and an M. M was prosecco based with a Blood Orange liquor. I love Blood Orange juice, so for me this was perfect, but also quite strong!

Taking in the view at Madison Restaurant and Tapas Bar, St Pauls, London

I had the most fun I've had on my birthday in all the birthday's that I can remember, so it was perfect! I'm so grateful for my friends chipping in with ideas and being there on the day, as well as all the lovely messages I received that day from other friends. Is anyone else celebrating at this time of year? What do you like doing for your birthday?

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