Tuesday, 23 February 2010

If I made the world, it would look like this...

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I'm not taking credit for these images, most were found online from various websites...I hope something here inspires you or make you laugh :)

I found these two images while researching for my last photo shoot (images to come) to decribe a nineties americana trend in a Pulp Fiction themed shoot - this has become a strong micro trend for S/S 10, which is awesome, and i'm totally gonna be all over it when (if...) the weather gets warmer. Love the vibe of the look, totally reminiscent of my childhood and having a fashion designer for a mother!...

I want these sunglasses and boots...is it wrong that I slightly want the metallic jacket too?...although I'm weary of metallic since I got yelled at by Southampton locals in the street when i wore metallic silver leggings out once...

I realise this image is side on, I couldn't be bothered to rotate it before uploading...so just deal. I thought it was fun - again found it when researching for the 90s shoot. (I have no idea why this bit is underlined...)

I'm a romantic, and i love her hair...and woodlands...and walking and talking with someone that you have tons in common with. Such a good way to spend a day.

In love with the hair and make-up here...looks effortless but so cute.

So fricking true. No one can make you feel an emotion it's your choice...I choose to be laidback normally, but some people have really been trying to evoke a reaction from me lately, and I love seeing how it pains them when I give a calm genuine reply.

Alice in Wonderland is out soon. Obviously going to be huge and def going to be on my Christmas list (the DVD) or maybe Easter since they are trying to release it early!

Spring Blossom, one of the best times of year is when you can go to the park on a warm day with a million pink blossom or magnolia trees in full bloom.

Balloons are a pretty recurring theme in this blog, but who doesn't love balloons...(why do we like floating balls of plastic?)

Anything 'Love' related instantly appeals to me. What you give out you get back and who doesn't want a bit of Love?

If only i could pull off some heart shaped sunglasses without feeling like more of a dork than I do with my geekalious Tom Ford ones...you'd see a bow on me head and some hearts round me eyes faster than you could say Minnie Mouse.

I love the vibe of this image, totally chilled, thrown on checked shirt (which i'm loving over absolutely everything whether or not it clashes, at the moment) and a pair of sunnies. My idea is if I wear sunglasses regardless of the rain it will encourage the sun...or I'll just keep getting funny looks till August.

Any cake that resembles a Disney character is a win. Especially when it has ears like this....I wish i had the patience for baking/cooking in general, I'd be there making banana loaf, sushi and mickey mouse cupcakes (with chocolate buttons ears) every spare moment! First person to bring me one of these wins my undying affection.

Speaks for itself, although the image is kinda weird...love the quote.

This blew my mind when I realised it wasn't photoshopped, just pure human genius.

Sometimes I just want to run around like this in the middle of the day. I felt like this today and ended up embarrassing a friend in Shakeaway dancing to the music in there...and I'm not talking small dance moves, I got a routine going...it continued in Starbucks...much to his dismay. Must be all these pills I'm on...

I want hair this long and this curly and gorgeous, and also to be on holiday someone bright and near the ocean. Good thing I've booked to go to Los Angeles in Easter for two weeks. Hello Malibu, hello sunshine, hello pinkberry...

1. I want a pencil like this. 2. I want to be able to sing. 3. I want to you to write me a love song.

Ok, Lily Allen, she's like marmite, love her or hate her. But she's cute, in fact she's gorgeous, I love this picture and I love this and Rianna's finger tattoo's...typical since Rihanna's says Love

Balloons again, I love running around outside in barefeet. Especially on grass in the summer. In fact, i love having barefeet as much as possible, which is weird for someone who absolutely adores shoes. But if you see me at home - barefeet, sitting in the park - shoes come off. Literally anywhere I can, I'll be shoeless.

This is cute, but mostly reminded me I want to re-dye my hair deep red again before I go away.

The caption to this image was, heart on sleeve, which i thought was a cool name for a company. definitely gonna be using that at some point in my life, as that's how I seem to be.

Errr, please can this be possible in real life...how cool would cotton candy coloured clouds be (alliteration there...nice)

Ok, if you've seen my bedroom, you will know that i LOVE weird necklaces and have them hanging about off my wardrobe, in boxes, in jewllery boxes....everywhere. I have a helicopter, masquerade mask, glasses, bows, headphones, bumble bees...and tons more, but this is so cool, I'm on the hunt for something similiar.

How cute is this picture, and how much do I want those tights...

I think this tattoo is fun, although I'd never get it...imagine how weird it would look if you were in some kinda of fancy dress at a swanky event...or like, at your wedding...

This just made me smile.

I'm loving this look at the moment, massive sloughy grey jumper with mickey mouse on it, micro denim shorts (as scruffed up as you like) and worker boots instead of heels...might try the ribbon in the hair too.

Loving my hair like this too at the moment, mostly cos it's lazy(wo)man's hair and I can basically wake up and whack on a headband and leave the house. Boho...

Dogs in jumpers. Yes, sorry I do love it. And this Boston Terrier is so ugly its gorgeous...a french bulldog, bulldog or a boxer could steal my heart in an instant. Ugly/Gorgeous...plus dinosaur hoodie...yes, please.

The caption on this was 'She loves him for the size of his heart'...which melted mine. I want an elephant pal!

Miranda Kerr, you beautiful woman. I love this dress, the colour the style the effortlessness of it...maybe with other shoes. But fit nonetheless.

Desktop pic for the Love generation. Standard.

So, spring/summer 10 is bringing back micro pleats. Could i be happier...probably only if you bought me a boxer/bulldog etc...plus i've had a passion for ballet since i was 2, when i told my mother I had to attend classes, resulting in me getting a place at the Royal ballet school in London...but turning it down as everyone there looked miserable and too thin, even I noticed. Still, take me to the Kierov or any ballet and I'll be silent throughout and probably in awe all the way home. I'm not the quietest of people.

Girly outfits contrasted with biker boots. My look for Spring/Summer 10. Throw in a checked shirt too, just for shits and giggles.

Something a bit like this, but with a better skirt and belt...and less of the air rifle.

What fabric is this liquid and flowy...i want it.

What a guy.

Yes, Bardot hair and make-up...not on me though. I'd look like a tranny gone ugly.

Denim top to toe. Huge heels. Chilling in a manor house garden. Why not?

Yes, to quirky homewares. My house will be like a museum of the weird and wonderful.

Simply lol.

I want scrabble with purple letters please. I love playing scrabble.

Dandelion tattoo...soo girly and pretty, but I'm still too scared for ink.

OH heyyyy...haha don't you think giraffe's are the oddest but more elegant animals.

Played the piano since I was little and even now i could sit at one for hours making up little rifts or working out how to play a song from hearing it over and over. Any music from dnb to dubstep via rnb and pop with a piano or strings will be played full blast on repeat for days. Youtube, Wolfgang Gartner's 5th Symphony for inspiration.

Basically sums me up. Especially the random tea stain, I love Earl Grey.

I just love so much of this room. Damask print makes me swoon.

Yes, cigarettes are killers...but theses are like vampires...so pretty as well as deadly.

Installation art is my favourite type. No one got my concepts of installation at college, so either I'm a freak or I'm too far out of the box, I no longer see the box.

When I grow up, I'll still be messing around, trying to make people laugh.

Philosophy. Don't start me talking, you'll never shut me up.

I wish I'd drawn this.

Another cute tattoo and tattoo location. Still too scared.

Errr, all my matches have orangey red tips. I want these ones. Or a dress in this colour, to match my new aqua bangle.

Gorgeous notebook, and even more gorgeous song...youtube the sister act version, cos I'm in love with the boy's voice. Speak of voices, while your there youtube, Quindon Tarver singing Everybody's Free..taken from Baz Lurhmann's Romeo and Juilet. I want them to make a decent length song out of this, and I want it played at my wedding. Divine voice.

This was my desktop and people thought it was me. I wish. I want that playsuit, badly.


I want my desk to be this.

And my tv to stand on an easel. Film is art.

And I want these mugs...

So I can sit in this bed and drink earl grey on a Sunday morning, and pretend I'm in the park.

Love this pic, barefeet and a night out.

Love this.

I'm a romantic.

Music is life. Without music, I actually don't know what I'd do.

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