Thursday, 1 August 2013

Net-a-Porter...only for grown ups?

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Net-A-Porter Only for Grown Ups?

When I grow up I'd like to be successful and rich enough to peruse Net-A-Porter, fill a wishlist and in a moment of indulgence buy it all. I mean, I'd obviously use my money for good causes too...but imagine doing good in Saint Laurent...

For those of you who don't know Net-A-Porter is an online premium fashion retailer, stocking every notable brand in Fashion's Little Black Book. If you're anything like me it can get seriously naughty, especially with their beautiful packaging and personalise service. You even get a members gift when you make your first order!

Unfortunately for the majority of us, we'll be putting pennies in the piggie bank for a while before being able to afford most items on the site. However, sign up to their newsletter for bites of fashion straight to your phone and  get inspired by their magazine The Edit. Not just for 'grown-ups'!

My advice, if you cant resist investing in your wardrobe make sure you set up a wish list on your account and add absolutely everything you aspire to own. For a start, its fun to have a list of things your lusting after, and it actually helps you spot great dupes across the more affordable brands. Ignore the price of everything, you never know what you might one day be able to afford. Plus, you can often be surprised by the quality of the lower priced product they have on N-A-P!

By having a wish list, N-A-P will automatically send you updates of when things on that lust list go into sale so you can snap up something divine when it falls into your price range. Their most recent sale just ended, however I managed to make my first order before closing time. A pair of Charles Philip Shanghai white leopard print satin loafers. They were £38 (including basic shipping) reduced from £110.

The quality of the loafers is lovely and the packaging is also beautiful. N-A-P also sent me a welcome gift of a measuring tape to assist in making sure I purchase the correct sizes when I have that day of indulgence!

The Net-A-Porter Group also own The Outnet and Mr. Porter; The Ounet is a more purse friendly version of N-A-P with slightly older product and Mr.Porter is designed for men with style. The Journal on Mr.Porter is one of the best online style guides for men, in my opinion and working in menswear, the content is something many brands aspire to have. More on that later, for now here's the new additions to my wardrobe and how I plan on wearing them.
How to Wear Loafers
Clockwise from top: Grey Knitted Jumper - Zara, Prisma Glow In The Dark Clutch - Alexander Wang, 

Loafers - Charles Philip Shanghai , Trio of Knuckle Rings - Asos (Masion Martin Margiela Dupe!), 

Net-A-Porter Welcome Gift
Measuring tape & size guide in cotton bag.

- L -

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