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...see what I did there? 
When I started having a steady income, I could spend a bit of money on little luxuries. For me this comes in the form of shoes, clothes and nail polish. I fully indulge in being a girl when it comes to shopping for nothing in particular, especially when finances allow that month!
One of my first splurges was at Nails Inc; I was left with a big hole in my wallet and a big box of nail polish. Needless to say there have been a few additions to it ever since. I like to match my nail varnish to my mood and what I wear, which usually follows the rule of a monochromatic or nude base with highlights of neon. If I decide to wear more colourful clothing then I neutralise my nails for balance. I'd love to lie and say that I always stick to this rule, but sometimes I just keep whatever nail colour I have on and rock whatever I fancy wearing that day regardless!

My preferred brands for nail products are Nails Inc, Topshop, POP and occasionally O.P.I. If I opt for gel nails, I have Gellish applied my independent nail technician who knows me and my nails, and who never uses an electric file. Avoid any salon which uses these for gel nails as they are simply ruining your nails so that you feel like you constantly need to have gel or acrylic nails reapplied, due to the quality of your own nails. Gel application does not require an electric file or removal of the nails surface other than gentle buffing.

If I am not going for gel, my preferred style of polish is a gel-like high shine finish to the nail usually with a juxtaposed ring finger. By this I mean I paint the forth finger either a different colour, with a different textured polish e.g. matte or glitter or have nail art applied.

I plan on having regular posts about colours I love, starting with this collection from Nails Inc. The A Lister Collection is described as 'catwalk inspired neutral shades', and includes 4 colours. My favourite is Covent Garden Ballet, a grey with blue undertones and a copper shimmer running through it.

Its is subtle yet so beautiful; the name reflects the colour as it evoke images of shimmering tutus, which I think is charming. I have been wearing this with Ledbury Road on my forth finger, which is a deeper minky taupe with a silver shimmer through it giving a metallic finish.

Unfortunately you can't get these two polish outside of the collection on the Nails Inc website, however for £25 it's worth getting the set as the other two shades - Mayfair (pearly white) and Lower Sloane Street (taupe with pink undertone), are neutral staples which would be perfect for Autumn.

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