Thursday, 29 August 2013

AW13 Fashion Trends: Pink Cloud

As a girl working in men's fashion, I like to keep my eye on the women's wear market, by that I mean researching trends and shopping for clothes. I don't like to buy into trends often as they have a limited life cycle, however I am a big fan of colour and like buying simpler items in a trend-led colour that will then have a longer life. I make sure of this by wearing them with other pieces to create a completely different look compared to the trend they originally came from. The autumn trends are slowly filtering into high street stores ready for the cooler weather and I am getting excited to start layering up and snuggle into winter jumpers, scarves and coats.

Excitingly, I've noticed that a clear focus on the women's wear market is a tonal shift. A colour focus. Rather than neon brights of the summer, designers have softened their palettes to ice cream shades of blush, mint and pistachio. After reading every September issue magazine I can lay my hands on, it's has become clear that pink is a clear front runner for women's wear. Topshop pushed the colour in their AW13 collection for Topshop Unique, and the high street are close behind them.

Zara windows are full of varying layers of neutrals, creams and greys. Pink has been used here to highlight or be a statement piece of the look, for example a wool coats. Soft textured garments are also used highlight a ladylike, delicate feminine trend for autumn for which pink is basically the backbone. 

The September issue of Vogue has got behind this trend by featuring a pink and ladylike editorial using the model of the moment Cara Delevingne. Glamour magazine have also included a Pretty In Pink editorial in their September issue...and I'm sure there will be much more focus to come. Images above and below are my two favourite shots from the Vogue editorial Pink Lady, followed by my two favourites from Glamour's Pretty in Pink.

I have montaged some of my favourite editorial shots, products and images for this colour trend at the top and bottom of this post, with all credits and links below if you like the look of something!   

Column One, top to bottom:
Masion Martin Margiela Skort -, Court Shoes -, Outfit Idea - tumblr image, Colour Inspiration - tumblr image, Pink Suit -

Column Two, top to bottom:
Peonys - tumblr image, Retro inspired hair - tumblr image, Zoe Karssen T-Shirt -

Column Three, top to bottom:

Column Four, top to bottom:
Edge Paint Satchel -, Ladylike - tumblr image, Charlotte Free for Numero Tokyo, Bow-Fronted Shorts -, Pink Wedges Image - Michaela Tegg, Fashion Habitué, Pink Telephone - tumblr image

Are you already starting to think about your autumn or winter wardrobe? What have you been liking in stores so far this season?


  1. Really lovely image selection here! Love the pink fluffy clouds and the waffle knit jumper. They sit well among the roses and dusty pink high tops. Love the pink wedges bottom right.

    And I might get the " Look like a girl, act like a lady..." blown up and on my wall. Good life motto to live by!

    Minka X

    1. Thanks Minka, glad you enjoyed the imagery!
      I enjoyed looking through your blog too.

      Lucianne x

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