Saturday, 18 June 2011

Older & Wiser

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Style is a mysterious thing.

I for one know that I'm am lost for style. I feel like I'm constantly searching for my 'own' style of everything; photography, dressing, styling others, personality of design and creativity. I feel like I misplaced it and am getting clues about where it is all the time, yet I'm aimless in my search of discovering it. Hopefully it will just turn up.

Style is like an antique, the older it is, the more value it possesses. As one gets older and develops taste for certain things, less is more. I used to impulse buy everything, sales drew me in, cheap items wooed me, knock offs swayed me and imitations won me over time and time again. This was of everything from fashion to stationary, and was reflected in my lifestyle; scatterbrained and somewhat eccentric.

I still so that in doses, but I have managed to soothe the urge to buy incessantly and now find joy in good design and worth in the quality of workmanship. In terms of being a consumer, there is nothing I hold in higher regard than these. You could say I've grown up. I'd say I am growing up.

On the other hand, I feel like I can see everyone else's style, but not my own.

Older people are often the best at styling themselves too. They are at an advantage; they've had extra practice. The proof is often in the pudding, so for dessert try this blog, Advanced Style. Take notes while I leave you with my most favourite image of the moment: the colours, the styling and most of all the knowledge in the expression that he simple looks flawless.

image courtesy of The Sartorialist

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