Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Fashion Week Woes

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I've been at London Fashion Week since Saturday, and met some lovely people, from bloggers to assistants, plus got given tickets to some of the shows, so thank you to everyone I've met! Looking forward to Men's day tommorrow!

A journalist from Hong Kong engaged me in conversation outside Roksanda Ilincic and for some reason explained why he loves and doesn't enjoy fashion week. Odd, but he so spoke the truth!

He explained that he loves London fashion week as all the new talent is here. He considered the British designers the best in the world! Mentioning that so many European lines employ British talent and their name never gets heard even though they are the source of inspiration. I think that is so sad, especially that only those in the know realise that Britain is behind many successful designs. For once it is something we are good at, but it is not recognised.

On top of that, this gentleman hated fashion week because London venues are so spread out. The event is at 6 venues and various other locations! Most people don't want to travel from east to west and north to south all day. No two shows are after each other at the same venue and so many do not both to attend all day. This also stops buyers attending as it is too much for them, especially in a foreign country. He mentioned that many Asian buyers just do not bother to travel all the way to London to have to go everywhere in London!

His suggestion, was to build a 6 storey building with high tech catwalk, which can change shape and move, to make the shows more theatrical - that would be amazing. It just means the government would have to invest in British fashion. Anyway, just thought I would share as it got me thinking!

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